O inconveniente agrada

De fato, o criativo é biologicamente repulsivo. Rasteja no fundo do mar. “Leva pro fundo do Mar”. “Leva pro fundo do Mar”. Cerca de 10^290 diferentes aparições. A-partenogênese. Acocorado com merda saindo pela boca. Lápis 3B na jugular. Enquanto neva 70cm. Às vezes, quando é noite, é possível auscultar a respiração separada do ruído de fundo. Automática. Uma regência verbalizada pelo diabo. Logo em seguida, às 5 ou 6 horas da manhã, um flash vaginal purga o mundo inteiro: desfigura o controle mantendo a rigidez. Anal fisting, extreme object insertions and speculum stretching plays. Na estrada. “Por que ele tem aquela bola saindo das costas? Vamos fazer o seguinte, eu carrego esse merda”. Quando fissionaram o septo não havia o EEG. Esta disposição polimorfa é paralela àquela, cuja perspectiva é sincrônica. Uma informação corrompe um corpo. Digamos um corpo composto de moléculas e células, um constructo humano. Um corpo orgânico. Este corpo possui um aparato sensorial e psíquico, talvez mais. Ou ao menos possuía, antes. A partir das condições de contorno adequadas, acontece um desdobramento. Um intenso e mediúnico transdimensionalismo entre linguagem e pensamento. “Bukakê de manhã”. Grupos vivos. Liberdades. Olhos duplos. Colunas. Agrupamentos. Quantos números existem entre dois números?

[TEC] Una Casa : Buenos Aires : Julho de 2009.

For your consideration: Tentacle Ensemble Collective in the performance Urbanóide & Bobby Fischer.

Images by Rosa Peralta and Fernando Perales.

Agressive Passive

"Agressive Passive". Mixed Media. August. 2009.


Black win?

[TEC] Experimento 7: "Toilet Training" ou "Ode ao Poa" ou ainda, "Cores Felizes"

Performance realizada no PKN7. 15 de agosto. Porto Alegre. 2009.


The Tecs are profoundly religious. These polytheistic people worship many gods. They believe that there are three levels of divine beings: the highest level is the supreme god, or “Okalê.” Underneath Okalê are lesser gods, called “Umuagbara”, and under these are the “Ndi Ichie,” the spirits of dead people. The Tecs also believe in reincarnation. They see death as a transient phase between life and the spirit world. When someone dies, he or she starts a new life in the spirit world. After a time in the spirit world, a dead person would be reborn as a new person and the cycle would continue on. Each performance has "priests" and priestesses who help in all spiritual matters, conducting ceremonies and rituals. And since the Tecs believe that everything in life is controlled by higher powers, there are also diviners in a performance that attempt to predict the future.

In memoriam of Dr. Schritz, again

San Telmo. Buenos Aires. Night time. 2009.

In memoriam of Dr. Schritz

"every 5 seconds siege cannons gutting space with a chord ZANG-TUMB-TUUMB mutiny of 500 echos smashing scattering it to infinity. In the center of this hateful ZANG-TUMB-TUUMB area 50 square kilometers leaping bursts lacerations fists rapid fire batteries. Violence ferocity regularity this deep bass scanning the strange shrill frantic crowds of the battle Fury breathless ears eyes nostrils open! load! fire! what a joy to hear to smell completely taratatata of the machine guns screaming a breathless under the stings slaps traak-traak whips pic-pac-pum-tumb weirdness leaps 200 meters range Far far in back of the orchestra pools muddying huffing goaded oxen wagons pluff-plaff horse action flic flac zing zing shaaack laughing whinnies the tiiinkling jiiingling tramping 3 Bulgarian battalions marching croooc-craaac [slowly] Shumi Maritza or Karvavena ZANG-TUMB-TUUUMB toc-toc-toc-toc [fast] crooc-craac [slowly] crys of officers slamming about like brass plates pan here paak there BUUUM ching chaak [very fast] cha-cha-cha-cha-chaak down there up around high up look out your head beautiful! Flashing flashing flashing flashing flashing flashing footlights of the forts down there behind that smoke Shukri Pasha communicates by phone with 27 forts in Turkish in German Allo! Ibrahim! Rudolf! allo! allo! actors parts echos of prompters scenery of smoke forests applause odor of hay mud dung I no longer feel my frozen feet odor of gunsmoke odor of rot Tympani flutes clarinets everywhere low high birds chirping blessed shadows cheep-cheep-cheep green breezes flocks don-dan-don-din-baaah Orchestra madmen pommel the performers they terribly beaten playing Great din not erasing clearing up cutting off slighter noises very small scraps of echos in the theater area 300 square kilometers Rivers Maritza Tungia stretched out Rodolpi Mountains rearing heights loges boxes 2000 shrapnels waving arms exploding very white handkerchiefs full of gold srrrr-TUMB-TUMB 2000 raised grenades tearing out bursts of very black hair ZANG-srrrr-TUMB-ZANG-TUMB-TUUMB the orchestra of the noises of war swelling under a held note of silence in the high sky round golden balloon that observes the firing..."